Saturday 5 August 2023

Batgirl: Hunter/ Prey part three



This one was a case of being inspired by the release of figures. First of all in 2004, Takara released a 2 pack of Batman and Batgirl. I was blown away by the superb figures and outstanding articulation.
Batgirl in particular was very inspiring in her slinky sexy look. I've always been a sucker for female superheroes and began to wrack my brains for a story for her.
Then Takara made their Aliens v Predator figures and the story became obvious. Back in 1991, Batman had faced off against the Predator. Now it's Batgirl's turn.


The Takara figures are joined by two Lannard Corps cops as the warehouse security guards and Batgirl's cop mate Joe is a Chap Mei 'Cops & Robbers' policeman.
The Batski boat seen at the start of part 2 is from Batman Returns. The Alien egg in the last frame comes from the Takara alien figure.
The Predator's aerial is the weather vain from the Saga Bespin Luke Skywalker figure while the power unit is from Lannard's space corps figures.


It took ages to get this story off the ground. Early plans had included using video animation to take advantage of Batgirl and Predator's superior articulation but all this held the story up. 
Eventually in late April 2006, I put together a group of paper backdrops and buildings that could be moved around to form different streets and shot several stories back to back (including stories for Spiderman and Catwoman)
Rather stupidly and annoyingly, I didn't check any of the photos I was taking and many of them were blurry. By the time I realised, the sets were already in the recycling. Since most of the blurry shots are action shots, I think I just about got away with it.


The story went through very few edits from original draft to finished piece. Early versions of the script showed the Predator ship crashing and referred to Batman being called away to Metropolis to explain why Batgirl is here alone. In the end I decided there was no reason why Batgirl couldn't just carry the story without him being mentioned.
As was usual at the time, the story was presented as individual images. For this re-presentation, they've been edited together into a proper comic format. This was done on 30 Nov 2022.


I don't have a record of when Batgirl v Predator was originally posted but it would have been some time in late 2007. It was re-presented between 22 July and 5 August 2023.


My AFT superhero stories existing in their own universe and don't link to any DC or Marvel continuity though Batgirl's cop friend is inspired by a character (called Joe) from the Batgirl Year One comic series.
The fate of that alien egg was picked up on a couple of years later in the licence busting Batman v Daredevil: A Stranger In Gotham. 
Sadly, the Superman v Supergirl story I'd planned using the Takara figures (test image left) never happened but the other superhero stories were Spiderman: Target, Catfight In Gotham (and a sequel!), Hulk Unleashed and Silver Surfer: Sunburst. Which would you like to see next?