Saturday 29 April 2023

Enemy of the Cybermen Part Three



When CO first announced the first and second Doctor figures, needless to say I was excited and immersed myself in their stories both on screen and in comics. With a lack of monsters for them (only daleks and cybermen), I hit upon the idea of pitting them against the Trods.

For Troughton, accompanied by the Tomb Cybermen (my personal faves!) plus the Telos sets I'd made, they were an obvious enemy for the second Doctor but with a twist.


Minimal cast here. Just the second Doctor, Tomb Cybermen, Cybermats, custom Trods and Jamie. Wait, what?

Yes, the trouble with Troughton is we didn't (and still don't at time of writing!) have any companions for him and at no point did he travel alone. 

My custom Jamie is made out of a Time Lord figure (with the robe cut down to kilt length) with a Captain Jack head. Details added in green stuff.


Filming began in September with the TARDIS and Telos interiors, shot back to back with the TARDIS interiors for two Hartnell stories Nemesis From Nowhere and The Trodos Conundrum which will be posted in the future.

The alien planet was filmed in October using sheets of white crepe paper. The mist was added in photoshop. The massive tomb set was constructed and these scenes filmed at this time.

26 Jan 2010 saw final pick-ups in the revitalsing chamber.


Episode one was edited in January well ahead of its publishing date with the following two episodes being edited in February.


Exactly when the story takes place is uncertain, but probably slots in between Fury From The Deep and The Wheel In Space.


 Part One was originally posted on 18 Feb 2010 with Part Two following on 23 March 2010 and Part Three on 20 April 2010. A couple of the eps were posted days early since they were already edited in advance.

At the time, this was the 50th Action Figure Theatre Story.

It has been reposted on 15th/22nd/29th April almost exactly 13 years later.


At the time it received a LOT of reaction from readers. With ep one misdirecting everyone to expect Daleks, many were stunned.

"Great story! And what a cliffhanger!" Jamie Bate

"Indeed, that was a cliffhanger I was not expecting!" Aaron Vanderkley

"I bloody LOVED that... A brilliantly engaging and fun story with a very palpable tension and great, funny, bizarre and intriguing cliffhanger." Babyjelly

But more amazingly than this, lots of people were thrilled to see the Trods.

"I nearly did that Squeeing thing when they were revealed, which I haven't done since the Macra turned up in Gridlock!" Bernie Fishnotes

"I don't think I've cheered at the sight of a returning monster that loudly since Earthshock! Just wonderful!" Jim Sangster

"Someone get on to Steven Mofatt straight away, the Trods need to be on the TV!" Tomfan