Saturday 30 December 2023

 A little break from Doctor Who this week. Happy New Year.


This story comes right out of my childhood when Mego made all sorts of Superhero figures be they from Marvel or DC. A time when Batman and Robin would team up with Spiderman to battle the Joker. Ah happy times. You see this isn't about fitting into any comic continuity or establishing boundaries between publishing houses. This is good old fashioned comic fun where the world is full of superheroes. (Image from Mego Museum)


Daredevil and the Green Goblin are from Toybiz's Superhero Showdown line. Batman is made by Takara as part of their Microman range. Commissioner Gordon and the SWAT team are a DC Infinite Heroes three-pack by Mattel.
The extras show blurred on page one include Lt Uhura (2009 Star Trek), Carmen Cortez and Donnegon from Spy Kids, Alan Grant from Jurassic Park and several Corps builders from Lannard.


This story took a long time to get off the ground. At the time there were several superhero storylines that I'd written but just not made. This one at least was partially shot in Spring 2006. At the time I had a large paper cityscape put together and I'd used it to make Batgirl V Predator. But the images I took for this story were uninspiring and would have needed a lot of work to edit out the backgrounds. My enthusiasm waned.
Jump forward to 2007 and my nephew (at the time a fan of AFT and all things Marvel!) asked me to do more superhero stories. I decided to bite the bullet and get this one made.
The reshoot was all done on green screen (ok, orange and yellow). Instead of looking real, I went for a stylised comic-book look with photoshopped backgrounds. The forty or so images need were taken in a matter of hours.


The edit too about a week, with each frame needing special attention.


This is a loose continuation of the Hunter/Prey Batgirl story which ends revealing that an alien egg is beneath the waters of Gotham. Clearly some villain has found it and is offering it to the one that can kill Batman. Among the papers and photos the Green Goblin looks through, I was going to put a photo of the Joker, suggesting it was him - but who knows?


I'm not sure when it originally appeared on the site but it was probably in mid/late 2007.
It's was re-published on 30 December 2023 with behind the scenes images for the first time.